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Whether you are a newcomer to Canada or a citizen of Canada, we have tailor-made solutions for your career. We are helping students to find the right education pathway towards employment.

OSAP with Graduate Track Canada


Guidance students for the right course and institutes. Secure your admission spot with GT Canada.

Student finance

Student finance OSAP, BJO, grants and loans available for eligible students.

Career advise

It’s not easy to get into the right career path. Our experienced counsellor can help to find your destination.

Value for money

Use your resource wisely. Earn a degree for better value to shine your career.

International students in Canada?

We are helping on-shore international students inside Canada with admission, career guidance, visa assistance, PGWP guidance and more.

Take our free admission and visa assitance. We do not have any service fees or charges for international students in Canada. Apply in confidence.

Study free. Learn how! 

We are setting the best career coaching for your new life in Canada. Enhance your career and employability with a diploma or degree in your chosen area of expertise. OSAP and Better Jobs Ontario can reshape your career with the right degree and qualifications. Graduate Track Canada is here to help you build your success story.


OSAP could be your perfect choice to fund your tuition with loans and grants. Check your eligibility with us. 

Better Jobs Ontario

Also known as second career for second chance to rebuild your professional career. 100% grants to study vocational qualifications.

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Why chose Graduate Track Canada?

Career counselling

Finding the right course is the ideal job for us. We help you to get your tailor-made academic needs.

High Quality

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

100% Free service

We have no service fees or charges at all. 100% free admission and financial assistance available for Canadians.

Free Updates & Support

We keep you updated with all government news and information’s about educations and financial services.

100% Transparent

No hidden costs. 100% transparency in our service will help you to find the right career for your future.

Grants & Loans

We offer grants and loans service to the students looking to fund their educations in Canada or abroad.

Find our your OSAP eligiblity with us